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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 22, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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to a friend's house. >> he wasn't involved in the criminal element in any way. and he has a family that cares for him a lot. >> reporter: we obtained these videos that police say show acosta in the moments after he was shot, before he backs out of a crosswalk and collapses on the sidewalk. police say the suspect's car is seen here fleeing the scene. it's described as a white 2010 to 2012 lexus 350. >> i'm accepting that he's dead, but how he died, in such a violent way, and so random -- you know, someone just took his life and didn't care. >> reporter: acosta's sister now wears the pendant that used to hang around her brother's neck. the two are twins, born minutes apart. >> i think about him every second. it wasn't his time to go. >> reporter: police tell us people attending an event nearby at a nightclub this san francisco on the night of february 10 may have seen something related to this homicide. they're asking anyone who
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recognizes the 2010 to 2012 lexus seen here to give investigators a call on their anonymous tip line. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a record-breaking heat today in the bay area. >> and our chief meteorologist bill martin is in the weather center now with the hottest, if you will, of the hot spots. >> yeah. and today was the hottest day. it will still be hot tomorrow. these are the old records. as we move forward, mountain view, you set a record today, 80 degrees. oakland airport, san francisco airport and oakland downtown all set records. it's hot out there. as a matter of fact, we've got fog starting to change things around coming up the coach. i got some calls from ocean beach and out by pacifica. we're starting to see fog on the horizon. oftentimes, the satellite doesn't do a good job of picking it up. just know in this area here,
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fog has already moved into el granada and half moon bay. it's still hot out there. cool on the coast. fairfield, 88. livermore, 88. some areas inland tomorrow are going to stay pretty darn hot. when i get back, i'll sort it all out for you. i'll see you back in about 12 minutes. ktvu's robert handa joins us now. he's in los gatos. >> reporter: julie, it has been a little unusual to see so much activity here at the cal fire station in los gatos, especially in april, but this year, fire season and fire training are both ahead of schedule. the cal fire attack unit today is training new members on water drops and coordinating hand signals from the ground, weeks ahead of when it usually gets ready for fire season. they decided to speed up hiring and training this year because of dry conditions. >> i think it's a great idea that we're bringing on
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firefighters early. we're about a month ahead of time. by getting people trained on, we can get them trained and ready to go by the time the fire really start to carry. >> reporter: the santa clara cal fire unit will be adding staff early to stations throughout the bay area, starting in one week. >> we'll be hiring about 40 of our seasonal firefighters. they'll be staffing six engines in the santa clara unit. they'll be staffing up -- the six engines will be going to the six different stakes throughout the unit. typically we don't start that process until the second week in may. >> reporter: california fire will not be the only agency to get started early. the wildlands officer plans to get a jump on what he calls one of the dryest seasons on record. >> it's much earlier in the season this year. usually it's about mid may when we're preparing for the season. for san jose, that means we're getting all our wildland companies staffed and ready to
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go. >> reporter: many we talked to say that's a good idea. >> i can't believe how hot it is here. in mid-april. it's incredible. >> reporter: cal fire apparently thinks so too, after the first phase of hiring. the next phases will start just one week later for full staffing by june. live in los gatos, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombings faced a judge today right at his bedside. the judge came to the hospital to charge 19-year-old suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. in addition to the judge and doctor, there were two federal prosecutors, three public defenders, a clerk and a court reporter, all in the hospital room. tsarnaev was able to nod when asked questions by the judge and only uttered one word, when asked if he could afford a lawyer. according to the criminal complaint, tsarnaev is charged with using and conspiring to use a weapon of mass
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destruction. the white house said because tsarnaev is a naturalized u.s. citizen, he will not be tried as an enemy combatant. feral investigators want to interview the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev, the boston bombing suspect who was killed in a shoot-out with police. police and fbi agents converged on the home in rhode island last friday. her attorney says so far russell has not agreed to talk with authorities. she may have learned of her husband's alleged involvement through news reports. she is the mother of tsarnaev's three-year-old daughter. >> when he came back to this country, why didn't it ring a bell with the fbi intelligence unit that he should be checked out? >> california senator dianne feinstein today questioned whether the fbi did its due diligence investigating tamerlan tsarnaev. the fbi interviewed him back in 2011, at the request of the
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russian government. they claim he was a follower of radical islam. authorities say they never found anything to indicate that in their investigation. thousands paused all over the country today for a moment of silence, one week after the boston marathon bombings. at 11:50 this morning our time, boston's mayor joined about 100 other people at the sight of the bombings to mark the exact moment of last monday's attack. people also stood for a moment of silence at the boston state house and at the senate floor in washington as well as at the new york stock exchange. the marathon bombings killed three people. more than 180 others were wounded. doctors say all of them are expected to survive. 13 of those victims had limbs amputated. two of them are double amputees. the bombing suspects are also suspected of killing an m.i.t. police officer last thursday night. boston university held a
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memorial service for lu lingzi of china killed in monday's attack. friends and classmates spoke in front of a packed auditorium today. she was remembered as a kind young woman with passion for music. friends say she loved her adopted hometown of boston. lu lingzi was at boston university studying statistics. police and first responders lined the entrance of a church today in medford, massachusetts, for the funeral of 29-year-old krystal campbell. campbell worked as a restaurant manager. her family said she was at the marathon to cheer on her friend's husband. they said she loved going to the marathon and went every year. the oakland a's were in boston to play the red sox. but a few players stopped by the hospital to visit a boy from martinez, injured in the bombings. a family friend shared this picture of josh reddick,
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brandon moss and batting coach ty, special trip to visit 11- year-old aaron hern today. he suffered a serious injury to his thigh. and our coverage of the boston bomb being continues on you can read the federal charges filed today against the accused bomber, still recovering in the hospital. you'll find it right there on our home page under hot topics. san francisco emergency officials want to har harness the -- harness the power of social media during the next big -- disaster. >> reporter: officials are always reminding people to be prepared for the big one. the way they plan to reach people is a soon-to-be-launched website. here's what it might look like. it's still being created.
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but the website is designed to be the go-to home page in case of a disaster or an emergency in san francisco like the loma prieto earthquake. >> it's gonna happen here. but it's really not something to be afraid of. it's something to prepare for. >> reporter: the department of emergency management came up with the site, preparing people for the first 72 hours after a tragic event. here's what it may look like in case of an emergency. the red dots show areas where things are happening. below that, a place where affected people can post information. it's a place for the community to come together. >> what's happening, what's the official word, how do you find loved ones. >> reporter: social media has already played a huge role at the boston marathon, connecting loved ones in the city and across the nation. experts here will take that into consideration while putting the final touches on sf- 72. >> if there's a resource we think is going to be useful to you, whether it's how to get
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connected, how to prepare, anything relevant to a disaster, it's going to be right there in front of you. >> reporter: the plan is to launch the site in late summer. if it's successful, they plan to branch it out and include the entire bay area. live on treasure island, i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. the chp is extending and also expanding its patrols in oakland. chp officers have been helping out oakland police by patrolling two days a week since last november. that deal was set to expire this friday, but city leaders are now in the process of finalizing a new contract. the new deal would increase the chp's availability to as many as four days a week. this comes just days after the city's contract with the alameda county sheriff's department expired. and they say the added chp patrols will help make up for that loss. a worker was injured during a minor explosion at a grocery store in richmond today. it happened just after 2 this afternoon at the foods co near
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harbor way. fire officials say a repairman injured his hand when a freon leak caused a minor explosion. the store and nearby businesses were evacuated. lawmakers want to stop governor jerry brown's prison realignment plan. it sends many lower-level state inmates to local jails to reduce prison overcrowding. a new bill being introduced targets parole violators, who would be sent to prison instead. they say changes are needed because realignment has led to a rise in crime. >> when high-risk felons demonstrate they will not abide by the terms of their release, a return to prison has to be considered. a new ban on plastic bags. we'll tell you where in the bay area you can and cannot get plastic bags. plus, rebounding after
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losing millions. in four minutes, hear what's giving netflix a big boost. but right after the break, make shift homes destroyed. we reveal one bay area city's plan to prevent certain residents from moving back in. >> some of us don't have a choice on where to go.
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crews in san jose began hauling away trash and other items left in a homeless encampment in kelley park. the individuals were warned last week that the camp was going to be taken down. some had constructed makeshift houses that even included pictures on the outside and televisions on the inside. about 30 people who lived there have now entered permanent housing programs.
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the pleasant hills city council has approved a project to replace a building with a new sporting goods store. the city council will hear public comment at its meeting tonight at 7:30 before holding a closed session to discuss the possibility of litigation. los gatos based netflix posted a profit and announced it had added three million new subscribers this year. numbers may have been helped by the company's release of its first original series, house of cards, which stars kevin spacey. we just checked how the stock is doing in after-hours trading, and netflix shares right now are up more than 24%. state senator hill wants the president of the california public utilities commission to appear at a hearing this week to justify why he should keep
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his job. last week a senate subcommittee discussed questioning the agency's commitment to safety. michael peavy and other leaders have been under scrutiny for their efforts to improve safety since the san bruno pipeline explosion. >> he's the one that should be outlining and should be defending the report that they commissioned. and the study that they commissioned, talking about the safety culture that they claim that they had a couple of years ago, and then they said, well, we may have not had that culture. >> he was first appointed to the puc back in 2002. plastic bag bans took effect today on this earth day in san mateo county and 12 of its cities. in our health and science editor john fowler is in pacifica tonight with this patchwork of rules and regulations that in some cases can be frustrating for shoppers. >> reporter: right now, you shop here, you better bring along your reusable bag or pay more, because san mateo county
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has been hit today by a growing wave of environmental awareness. the first day of no plastic bags found many shoppers buying paper bags. >> i really forgot. i didn't watch the news last night. >> reporter: she forgot her reusable bag. >> it is inconvenient in some ways, only because we have habits to overcome. >> reporter: frank had to pay 20 cents for paper. >> this is the price you pay for living on the coast. >> reporter: san mateo county and cities today joined sonoma, marin, san francisco, alameda and santa clara counties. not every city but about half the bay area bans plastic bags. one reason to reduce landfill waste. a san francisco study the year after it banned plastic bags showed an actual increase in plastic bags in the trash. plus, it said plastic bags account for just one half of 1% of solid waste. >> we're seeing fewer bags on
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the creeks and on the bay shoreline. that's great for fish and wildlife in the bay. >> reporter: david lewis says san jose's guadalupe creek had 40% fewer bags. the bags can starve wildlife. recycling has not been effective. >> we're hoping that very soon you won't be able to get a free plastic bag in the bay area. >> reporter: for san mateo cities, the bag ban begins as late as october. there's a state proposal to end all this city by city confusion with a statewide bag ban. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. if you had a chance, it was a nice chance to be out by the water today. let's look at the forecast. >> it's changing quickly out there. where john fowler is standing in pacifica, pleas a live camera shot. just about a mile and a half
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south of here, behind the camera, the fog is in. and it's dense. they can hardly see through it in el granada and half moon bay. in the next 20, 30 minutes, you're going to see fog move nothing pacifica. you see that haze out there. that's the cooling mechanism. that's the air conditioning, the natural air-conditioning headed our way. so the temperatures today, record highs, we talked about that. these were some more numbers from the national weather service. 90 in antioch. 90 in fairfield. 86 in san mateo. 88 in redwood city. the coastal and bay areas are going to cool significantly because of that fog coming in. you see it moving up the coast this way. coming underneath that is this fog right there. so the fog cooling things off. that begins a cooling trend. today will be the warmest day. a cooling trend that will take us into the middle, end of the week. inland areas tomorrow, still
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hot. they're still going to be in the upper 80's. i still think we're gonna see some low 90's. but along the bay, it's going to be cooler. why? because the fog is coming in. you get that fog and the cool sea breeze starts coming in and it trends temperatures down, just like what you felt this morning. colors representing temperatures. oranges, those are your 80's. yellows are your 70's. plenty of 80's tomorrow, even upper 80's. maybe even some low 90's showing up in those inland bay valleys. 87 in napa. 87 in sonoma. air quality still pretty good with this pattern. as the fog comes in, it actually helps things out because it stirs up the winds and we start getting a nice onshore flow. cooler in fremont but still pretty darn warm in morgan and gilroy. upper 50's, low 60's.
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san francisco, into the upper 60's. your five-day forecast, with your bay area weekend in view, no rain. you knew that. temperatures, they're coming down. today will be the warmest day. tomorrow, upper 80's. but as we get into wednesday, thursday and friday, the hot spots are going to be in the 70's. so you can't complain. >> you sure can't. >> thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7, on tv 36, improving safety on one bay area college campus. >> we're at uc berkeley where faculty and staff have a new resource to keep students healthy and safe. we'll tell you about the gold folder. and the ax comes down on the a program that delivered food to those who can't provide for themselves. find out who will be affected first. join us at 7 on tv 36. his coach calls him irreplaceable. we talked to david lee about his injury and whether he'll be back for the play-offs. plus, the a's try to break
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their losing streak. mark ibanez is coming up next. ♪ ♪ [ engine revs ] [ female announcer ] small... [ engine revs ] wicked... ♪ and now... ♪ topless. ♪ the fiat 500 abarth cabrio.
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bay area based google celebrated earth day with a
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special google doodle. that's the image google put on its front page on notable days. the image captures the earth's most precious resource. water. i like the little fish jumping through the lake. mark is here with sports. it couldn't have happened at a worse time for the warriors to lose david lee. >> it's relative with everything going on in the world, but you can't help but feel bad for the warriors, in particular, david lee. he's having his greatest year. and injury strikes in game 1 against denver as they work out at the pepsi center in the mile high center. getting ready for game 2 tomorrow night. here's the play. lee, as you see, just goes down hard. immediately it looks like a serious injury. and as it turns out, it is a torn hip flexor. he's certainly out for the rest of this season. and he hopes to be ready for training camp. no doubt, it was serious from the moment it happened. >> i just had no feeling in my
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whole entire hip area. i was praying for the best. but i somewhat knew what the outcome was going to be. >> this series is far from over. we understand that. a 48-minute effort. we're focusing in on our game plan and being disciplined. and really capitalizing on the chance to go 1-1. >> game two, of course, tomorrow. meantime, the a's struggling. they got swept over the weekend. tonight, their own defense cost them dearly. andy with the error. and after a walk, the bases are now loaded. and quickly unloaded as mike napoli hits one over the monster, in deep left center field at fenway. grand slam. blew the whole game. the a's look like they're on their way to a fourth consecutive defeat. their trailing 9-3 to the socks. giants play in arizona tonight. full highlights at 10.
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that's the sporting life right now. >> all right. thanks mark. take a look at this. it has become a youtube sensation. but it's a dangerous game. [ coughing ] >> coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, we are talking to bay area doctors about this very serious consequence of taking the cinnamon challenge. >> good lord. well, los angeles for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. thanks so much for joining us. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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